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Our employees speak for themselves. We rely on long-serving employees in all areas of our business. They are the heart and soul of Steinbach Spedition & Logistik and represent the company’s expertise.

Testimonial by Rainer Besold IT

besold“Steinbach is a freight forwarding company that offers varied and interesting fields of activity. They place a lot of trust in you, which allows me to work independently and also incorporate my own ideas.”

Testimonial by David Gladkow, Professional Driver Apprentice

“I’m extremely satisfied with my training to become a professional driver and very happy that I decided to come to this company because I feel very comfortable here. The training is excellent and they help you immediately if you have a problem.”

Testimonial by Martin Kopp and Michaela Bajus, Logistics Bayreuth

bajus-klopp”Solidarity, meeting challenges together – that’s what makes us who we are. We are proud to be a part of this company.”

“Creative, versatile, team players and friendly – that’s how I’d describe my colleagues in logistics. I’ve been a warehouse logistics specialist in the logistics department at Steinbach for over 17 years, and I’ve learned a lot over the years. I always enjoy sharing my experience with motivated apprentices and new colleagues who want to embark on this career path.”

Testimonial by Marco Matijević; Dispatching Jumbo Truck Shipping

matijevic”As a dispatcher, I am responsible for everything that has to do with the long-distance trucks with mounted forklifts. I’m totally satisfied here – this is exactly where I want to be. The professional approach combined with a relaxed work atmosphere and great team of colleagues is what makes Steinbach Spedition so special as an employer.”

Testimonial by Marco Stickl, Motor Vehicle Mechatronics Technician Apprentice

stickl“I have been a motor vehicle mechatronics technician apprentice since August 2015 at the company shop and I enjoy it very much. A pleasant working climate, plenty of variety and enough fun at work make it worth getting up so early in the morning. I’ve always been very interested in technology and want to learn more about vehicle systems, so this profession was the right choice for me – and Steinbach is the right company for me.”

Testimonial by Sandra Thiem, Fleet/Shop

”I enjoy working for Steinbach because the work-life balance is perfect. I have great co-workers who I can rely on completely and a boss who stands behind us 100%.”

Testimonial by Micha Berger, IT

The company offers me a collegial working environment, a super team and a whole range of interesting and varied activities. The freedom given to me and the trust in my work round off the overall package for me.

Testimonial by Florian Dreisvogt, Facility Manager

My field of activity at Spedition Steinbach is very varied and exciting. There are new challenges every day, so the work is never boring. The employees are given a lot of trust, which allows them to work very independently. There is a very pleasant working atmosphere in the company.

Testimonial by Andrea Ploß, Assistant to the Management

I Have been working as a management assistant at Steinbach Spedition since 2018. I particularly like the fact that the company has flat hierarchies with short decision-making paths. I enjoy my work because the tasks are varied and i am allowed to work very independently. The familiar working atmosphere contributes to the fact that i gladly accept the long way to work.

Testimonial by Simon Melchner, Clerk

In my time at Steinbach so far, I have learned and experienced a lot of new and exciting things, which I naturally hope will also be the case in my future at Steinbach. In the accounting department, where I work, I face new challenges every day that have to be overcome. My colleagues are all very friendly, helpful and professional, and there is a great atmosphere across departments. Suggestions or requests are always accepted and considered with open ears.

Testimonial by Maike Bauernfeind; Tax Clerk

I have been working part-time in a great team as a trained tax assistant in financial and payroll accounting/controlling since 2018. My tasks are varied and I can work very independently. My supervisor has great confidence in me. I really enjoy working at Steinbach Spedition!

Testimonial by Benjamin Kurzawa; Fleet Management

During my two-and-a-half-year training as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk, I was able to work in the dispatching, fleet and logistics departments. In each of these departments, I was taught the respective areas of responsibility by my experienced colleagues. After I took over, I am now working in fleet management. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for repairs, breakdowns, damages and the management of our vehicles. It never gets boring, as there are new, unexpected challenges every day. I am very happy to be part of this team.


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